Artist Statement

I feel that the power of abstract art is in its openness, its ability to welcome each person- whoever they are, and wherever they are coming from- bring that person in and offer them a chance to look back at themselves. My paintings evolve as I work- I rarely start a painting with an idea in mind. One step leads to the next. One color suggests another color to follow. One shape calls for a different one to overlaps it. I look for shapes, colors, textures, and spacing that compliment each other, that work together to form a cohesive and balanced whole. It sometimes feels like a puzzle. For me this process and action of putting marks on the canvas surface is just as important as the finished piece.

I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own artwork that they sincerely enjoy and find meaningful- regardless of financial status. If you are interested in talking about a payment plan please let me know.

I also do work by commission. Thanks for your time.


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